Introducing WordPressLite: A ready made WordPress Package

Are you struggling too much just to install a WordPress in your site?

Are you looking for the quickest way to install WordPress without any configuration; creating database, username, passwords?

Have you got limitation to create the certain number of database in cPanel?

If your answer is YES in one of the above, you might take a look about WordPressLite.

Introducing WordPressLite – A ready made WordPress package

WordPressLite is a ready made post installed WordPress CMS which is integrated with SQLite database.

The purpose of using SQLite is to get rid of all the hassles of creating, assigning permission and configuring of database user to install WordPress.

This will cut the amount of time taken to install the WordPress CMS in half, which will boost your production time significantly.

How to install

  1. Clone or download “Download WordPressLite

  2. Extract and upload to the folder where you want to install the WordPress. For eg.

  3. Visit

That’s it.

No more database user creation, assign privileges and other messy configuration.

Default WordPress login

Login URL:

User: admin

Password: admin

WARNING! Please change the default username and password if you do not want hackers to mess up your website.

Access database

Password: admin

WARNING! Please change the the password (Edit file dbconfig.php). Delete after the website is setup.

Post install configuration: Update WordPress, themes and plugins

Package includes