Don’t reinvent the wheel: 5 Lessons that I learned

If you are web developer or programmer you hear quite a lot of saying “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. They mean we should not not repeat to code the same thing again. Instead use the code from already written.

Here are the lessons that I have learned with this idiom in respect to software and web development industry:

  1. The idiom has been mostly used to discourage somebody or to make them feel bad about their code or idea as a whole.
  2. It is used so much that its weight has decreased over the years. “Oh! Not again.”
  3. So this idiom has been paraphrased as “Building a better mousetrap”, to give the weight back. So it is time for change for better.
  4. I have always wondered why “Don’t reinvent the wheel” quote is similar as saying “Do code plagiarism”. Does plagiarism exists in software development is another big question.
  5. If you use this wisely it can create magic but if used too much only demoralize the juniors.

So the moral of the story is “Use it appropriately“.

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