About Me

I am floCoder (Ashish Lohorung), Full Stack Web Developer based in Sydney. I mostly code programs using core-PHP. World is beautiful place to live, especially if you are a coder. floCoder.com is my playground to teach and learn the things mostly related to web development and coding. However, I would like to be known as problem solver more than a programmer. Every problem solver are programmer but every programmer are not problem solver.


I was born in the most rural part of eastern Nepal. The village is called Khartuwa. Then my family moved from time and again in different parts of Nepal following my father’s job. I completed my higher education from Chulla Chulli English Boarding School at Damak, Jhapa. Then I studied bachelor’s degree BScIT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) from Lord Buddha Education Foundation (affiliated to Sikkim Manipal University), Kathmandu. I had already started to work as Web Designer when I finished my college. I worked for almost 2 years before I came to Sydney to study masters degree.